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Cambridge Town Hall has proudly stood as a symbol of our shared heritage and unity throughout its long history. By becoming a Friend, you’ll play an integral role in preserving and activating Cambridge Town Hall so that it continues to serve as a cornerstone of our town's cultural fabric.

Celebrating community spirit

No matter which Friend tier you choose, your generosity and commitment will make a significant impact on the future of the Hall. Through your valued contributions, we can maintain and improve our historic venue, host engaging events, and keep the Hall available for our whole community.


Annual contribution of $2000+

As a Platinum Friend, you set a shining example of philanthropy, and your partnership provides the foundation for significant impact, helping us ensure that Cambridge Town Hall endures for future generations.


Annual contribution of $550 - $1000

Play a significant role in providing stability as a Gold Friend and show your commitment to community connections through your support of the arts and cultural experiences at Cambridge Town Hall.


Annual contribution of $350 - $500

Help to nurture the sense of belonging within our community and foster the future of Cambridge Town Hall by becoming a Silver Friend.


Annual contribution of $50 - $300

By joining our valued Bronze tier, you contribute to the community spirit at Cambridge Town Hall, helping us create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

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You can also help by spreading the word about the Friends of the Town Hall program. Share your love for the venue with family, friends, and colleagues, and invite them to become part of our community. And don’t forget to become our friend on social media so you can stay in the loop about upcoming events and happenings.